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Independent Consultancy. Our commitment to independent consultancy is supported by strict procedures, being both internally and locally supervised.

Some people may feel that implementing strict financial procedures is an insult to the integrity and honesty of their account managers and other employees who manage the clients’ funds and the funds of the organization. In reality, procedures of this type are as much for the protection of these people as they are for the protection of our clients and the organization as a whole. Proper financial procedures help to take the entire burden off the shoulders of the treasurer and account managers and eliminate temptations for anyone involved in managing the assets of the organization.

At Meta Capital Partners we specify a regular schedule of financial reporting and the level of detail that they require in those reports. At a minimum, financial reports should indicate the current cash position of the organization, the inflows and outflows for the reporting period and any outstanding expenses or receipts. Provide copies of the report to all board members. It is the duty of the directors to ensure that they review and understand the financial reports provided.

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